Here are the creatures you can catch during this week's special Pokemon Go event


Pokemon GO Adventure Week Asset


It's Aerodactyl!

Pokémon Go creator Niantic Labs is currently throwing an in-game celebration, dubbed Adventure Week, that rewards players with a handful of bonuses.

One of those bonuses is the increased spawning of certain rock-type Pokémon, including rare creatures like Aerodactyl.


To help the game's 65 million players know which Pokémon will spawn more frequently over the following week, a Reddit user named Sralladah made this handy chart:

One Pokémon left off the chart is Slugma, which evolves into Magcargo.




Here are the other in-game bonuses you should know about (all promotions end at 1:00 PM PDT on May 25):

  • Buddy Pokémon only need to walk one-quarter of the normal distance to find candy. So if a Pokémon that usually collects candy every 3 kilometers, they'll only have to walk three-fourths of a kilometer.
  • More items can be collected from each Pokéstop.
  • A new adventurers hat is available for all trainers to wear in the game.

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