Here are the top 20 apps millennials like way more than other age groups do


young women smartphones texting

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Everyone uses apps, but different age groups have different preferences.

And in Silicon Valley, popularity with young people is considered a sign that an app is destined for success. The thinking is that a hot app is like a hot band: the kids get ahold of it first (Snapchat got its start with teens, after all)

So which apps are hot with young people?


ComScore's recently released 2016 mobile app report tracked which apps had the highest concentration of "millennial users." Comscore defined the group as those 18-34 years of age (the firm did not look at users under 18).

The apps range from cashless payment options to games to, predictably, dating app Tinder. And there is even one that has a whopping 99% concentration of millennials.

Here they are: