Here's a look at the guts of the PlayStation 4 Sony hasn't even announced yet


Aside from the iPhone 7, the worst kept secret in the tech world is that Sony is coming out with a new model of the PlayStation 4 very soon.

Sony has yet to acknowledge that it officially exists, but some retailers apparently already have them, and they've managed to get into the hands of a few tech reporters who've written full-fledged reviews. 

Sony is expected to officially unveil it on Wednesday at a press event in New York City, which Business Insider will be attending. Also expected to be revealed is another new model of the PlayStation 4, currently codenamed "Neo," which will boast much more upgraded hardware under the hood. That one is expected to hit shelves in the fall of 2017.


Until then, the leaks continue. A new video, uploaded by YouTube channel Links-Tech, appears to show one of these slim PlayStation 4 models being disassembled from top to bottom.

Again, keep in mind that Sony has yet to announce this console exists yet, but we've seen it from top to bottom - and now, from the inside out.


Keep your eyes peeled for the official announcement of the PS4 Slim following Sony's press event regarding its final specs and release date.

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