Here's how much it actually costs for a round-the-world trip

Here's how much it actually
costs for a round-the-world trip
Admit it! Travelling the world has been a dream of each one of us since the childhood. You would search the globe for the weirdest naming country and then imagine of landing there one fine morning. Come on, that’s one time when we would overuse our imaginations. But then as we grow up, travel bug bite us differently. Now that you have grown up, here’s a chance to make the dream real. But you aren’t really very sure as in how much would a round the world trip might cost you.

We consulted a travel blog by Lauren, Never Ending Footsteps where she has discussed about her world trip last year. Over a year, Lauren has visited 19 countries. Yes 19! And that included Australia, Cambodia, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam.

Having travelled 24,613 miles and sleeping in 35 beds, Lauren has visited almost 62 cities. Wow! That’s something to feel envious about the travel blogger who left her job in 2011 to trot the globe.

The most expensive place where she stayed was a floating hotel in Cambodia that costed her $175 (Rs 8000 approx) per night. The cheapest place she stayed at was $13.39 (Rs 850) a night, which was at Tallinn in Estonia. Well here her experiences were quite notable. She writes, “I was attacked by bedbugs, somebody threw up in the bed above mine, and the hostel cleaner kicked me in the back. Ah, budget travel!” at Tallinn.

Now you must be anxious to know how much did this big world trip cost her.

Let’s get into the answer without much introduction. Lauren has spent $19,640.73 that is approximately Rs 13, 12,000. Yes, that’s the overall cost for world travel. That’s close to Rs 3,500 a day.

Lauren has provided a break down of each of her costs, and that looks something like this.
Accommodation: $6962.69 (Rs 4.6 lakhs)
Transportation: $4,619.34 (Rs 3.08 lakhs)
Food: $6072.78 (Rs 4 lakhs)
Activities: $719.88 (Rs 48,000)
Visas: $95.00 (Rs 6,000)
Entrance Fees: $177.38 (Rs 12,000)
Travel Insurance: $706.26 (Rs 47,000)
Miscellaneous: $287.40 (Rs 19,000)

Yes these actually look reliable and affordable for many. If you are tight on budget than this, we suggest, prefer visiting individual countries first. You can save your money meanwhile and prepare yourself for the world tour. And for the ones who are comfortable with the figure, pack your bags and get set go.