Here's how to easily block all the 'Star Wars' spoilers online so you don't ruin the movie


star wars force awakens trailer


The new "Star Wars" movie is only days away, and that means the leaks and spoilers are starting to seep into social media news feeds and websites everywhere.


At this point, there's two camps of Star Wars fans: Those who desire nothing more than to go into the theaters without the faintest idea of what they'll see, and those (like myself) who pour over the latest leaks and spoilers in an attempt to cobble together the movie's plot beforehand.

While spoiler fans argue much of the fun lies in seeing which leaks and spoilers turn out to be true (and which are just hogwash), most people would prefer to stay away - and now there's an easy way to block out Star Wars spoilers without avoiding the internet entirely.

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It's called "Force Block," and it's a new web browser extension for Chrome that detects if the webpage you're visiting contains any mention of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." If the website does, Force Block will bar you from seeing the webpage, pointing out that it contains spoilers and asking if you still want to proceed.

Force Block chrome extension

Steven Tweedie/Business Insider


As you can see in the screenshot above, Force Block did its job as advertised, blocking my view of the "Star Wars Leaks" subreddit when I visited. The Chrome extension can be turned off by clicking the extension's tiny lightsaber symbol in the top right-hand corner of your browser, and there's also the option to whitelist websites if you need to override Force Block's decision.

You can download Force Block for free over at the Chrome Web Store, just remember that you'll need to be using Google Chrome as your web browser for it to work.