Here’s how to use the Facebook debugger tool

Here’s how to use the Facebook debugger tool

Facebook Debugger makes it possible for you to see your site from the Facebook point of view.

It will show raw scraped data in addition to a preview of how the shared links from your site will look on Facebook. This is an easy to use and quick way to check for errors and know how your brand will look to the viewers. If you have shared a piece of content and find that the title image or image preview was incorrect, you can use the debugger to fix the issue.

Facebook Debugger is a tool meant only to discover errors. It can’t let you fix them automatically. For setting things right, you will have to delve into your website’s code and make the necessary change. To structure the shared content, Facebook uses the Open Graph tag standard. The debugger will point out to this data on your site which you will need to fix.
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To get started with Facebook Debugger tool, visit the Facebook Debugger Tool. In the main box, type your site’s URL. If you click on ‘Debug’ you will see a quick report.

In a list format, you will see a few pages of information displayed. These pages contain all the technical details of what Facebook sees while attempting to fetch content from your website.

The most important information are the warnings you will see on top of the page and the links preview displayed below. Warnings refer to the issues Facebook wants you to fix. This can include missing tags and corrupted Open Graph data. The link previews will show you how the shared links look on Facebook. If some details are incorrect, you need to edit some Open Graph data.

After some blocks of information, Facebook Debugger will display a detailed outline of all that it sees on your website. You will find the information broken down tag-by-tag. You will also see a raw copy of your og:” Meta properties. There will be a few links to learn more information on Open Graph and the errors you might have come across.

Plugins to fix Open Graph errors

For structuring shared link previews, Facebook uses Open Graph data. If your content is not looking right on Facebook, you will have to edit your Open graph data. Though you can do this manually by working with the codes, WordPress users can use these two resources to fix Open Graph errors.

Yoast SEO and Open Graph for Facebook are some incredible plugins to fix Open Graph errors. Yoast can help in several segments of SEO and can also improve your site’s readability. It can help add Open Graph Meta tags to your site and use pre-filling crucial tags with crucial information. Open Graph for Facebook lets you work with your tag content using a single page of editable string fields. You can either deploy the tags to your pages or make edits in the individual blocks to customize how some pieces of information appears on Facebook without editing them in your theme fields manually.