Here's how Uber is letting you earn from its platform 'UberDost'


UberDOST (Hindi for 'friend') is an India-first initiative for anyone to act as Uber affiliates. It's an app where anyone can sign up on Uber and refer drivers to join the platform and earn from it.

While drivers usually have their own solid network, the referral policy has been introduced so that it benefits both the organization as well as the drivers.

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How does it work?

1. UberDOST lets everybody register and refer drivers to join Uber platform in return for a one-time payout once the driver completes a set number of rides
2. UberDOST offers people a flexible, source of extra income which they could pursue full-time or part-time; rapidly growing base of UberDOST in India now

3. UberDOST is an India-first innovation that has been exported to other markets in South East Asia under the same name

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We got in touch with four UberDOSTs to figure out how this program has impacted them.