Here’s how you can build an app for your business without any technical knowledge

Here’s how you can build an app for your business without
any technical knowledgeNot every tech startup founder is a developer. What's more, they don't really need to be. As an entrepreneur, you'd be doing much more than writing code. You’ll need to deal with product validation, market fit, marketing, retention and acquisition of customers, client service, overseeing finances and accounting, and so on. The rundown is never ending
Keeping that in mind, we’ve highlighted three ways in which you can begin without a broad technical or programming foundation.

Learn to Code


If US President can learn in the White House, after having tons of issues to deal with, so can you. You can get started by joining online classes/course at Coursera, Udemy, Codecacademy or any platform that suits your budget.

All you need is enough skills to find the first version of your mobile app. One that is a minimum viable product or MVP that offers the core value to your customers. When you have your product validated, the world opens up to endless possibilities.

Use an App Builder

If you prefer not to learn coding and you don’t want to create a team, or partner up with a developer, there are a few web services that will empower you to create a basic mobile application with no prior programming information. You can utilize app builders like Mobile Roadie,, TheAppBuilder and so on.

Partner with a developer

A more practical method for building your first app is to partner up with a developer. This will permit you to focus your efforts on the operational side of your business while your developer creates your app and other web-based platforms you may need to set your company.