Here’s how you may just be able to grab Xiaomi's Re. 1 flash deals!

Here’s how you may just be able to grab Xiaomi's Re. 1 flash deals!

Xiaomi is all geared up to start its three day Diwali Shopping Festival from 17th to 19th October. The online sale will take place on the company’s website, While Xiaomi is offering great Diwali deals on its phones and other merchandise the smartphone maker will also bring back its popular Re. 1 flash sales.

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The Re. 1 flash sale will be hosted on all three days at 2pm. On October 17, the Redmi 3S Prime and Mi Bluetooth speaker will be up for grabs. On the next day, the Redmi Note 3 (16GB) and 20000mAh power bank will be listed, and on October 17, the Xiaomi Mi 4 and Mi Band 2 can be lapped up for Re. 1.
So if you want to give it your best to grab these super deals, here’s some help!

Step 0

Always make sure you are logged in to your account way before the sales start!

Step 1

To sign up, click the 'Share to Register' button and spread the news on your Facebook feed.

If you aren't registered when the ₹ 1 Flash Deal starts, you'll have to spend extra time registering and you'll miss out because these flash deals will go out in a nanosecond. (That's why FLASH deal, right!)

Step 2

Once you have shared you will see the 'Share to register' button change to 'Coming soon'.

This means you are eligible to buy when the flash deal starts at 2pm. You will only have to 'Share' the news to your Facebook once, to be eligible for all ₹1 Flash Deal happening across the 3 days.

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Step 3

Once the sale starts the 'Coming soon' button will change to 'Buy now'

You can keep track of the time via the countdown timer on the left. #Protip: always be there earlier than the actual sales time, because these things go out in a FLASH.

Step 4

There are 2 flash deals going on one for a Mi phone, another for a Mi Accessory. There will be a 'Buy now' button below each product, and clicking one button does not mean you are buying both products.

Step 5

If you managed to be the lucky one who has grabbed a Mi product at ₹1, your name will be added to the winners list at the top of this thread. The Mi product will also be added to your cart. Make sure you place your order, and pay within 2 hours or your hard earned ₹1 Flash Deal will be removed from your cart.

Good Luck!