Here's 'The Daily Show's' Incredibly Weird, Amazing 'Tribute' To 'Morning Joe'

Daily Show Morning Joe

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In an homage that called to memory January's dedication to Fox News' "The Five," "The Daily Show's" Samantha Bee paid tribute to MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Wednesday night, exploring the sometimes-uncomfortable "family" dynamics of the morning show.

"If you want the inside scoop on Washington's power players, look no further than MSNBC's 'Morning Joe,'" "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart said, before Bee interrupted him.

"I'm sorry Jon. Let me stop you right there," Bee said. "'Morning Joe' is not a morning news show. ... 'Morning Joe' is a family. The kind of family you don't see much anymore."Advertisement

The resulting performance art examines the sometimes painfully awkward relationship between co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mike Brzezinski, with Bee playing the role of traumatized daughter. There were numerous clips of the two sniping at each other on set - including one high-profile incident in which Brzezinski called Scarborough a chauvinist.

"Please stop fighting!" she said. "Is it my fault? Please don't ruin Christmas!"

"I'm sorry!" she continued. "You guys are going to get divorced, aren't you? Please don't make me go live with Lawrence O'Donnell! He doesn't flush the toilet!"

There's one thing, however, that Bee found seems to keep them together, in what Bee cast as their ability to protect the powerful - in this case, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

"My 'Morning Joe' family may fight and bicker and starf- like nobody's business," Bee said. "But when the chips are down for one of our powerful friends, we pull together to attack anyone who questions them, because that's what morning news shows do." Here's the full clip:Advertisement