Here's the right way to roll up your shirtsleeves

There's a trick to rolling up your sleeves. Most men just fold their cuffs over a couple of times until the desired length is achieved.

That's wrong.

There are a few problems with that method. It both looks sloppy and has a tendency to come undone at inopportune times. It'll also rest at a weird place on your elbow. Bad form.Advertisement

There's a better way. Instead, unbutton your sleeve and turn it inside out up your arm. Then resume folding it over itself a couple times, starting from the bottom. Stop when you reach the cuff of the shirt. Voilà. It won't come undone, and it'll hit at the right place on your arm for full movement.

Here's a full how-to:

BI Graphics_How to roll your shirtsleeves

Skye Gould/Business Insider


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