Here’s what Baba Ramdev is doing to get Patanjali closer to millennials

Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali has found a way to get the brand closer to millennials and to achieve its goals, it is going the digital way.

Patanjali has collaborated with Google and Facebook and will be investing in online advertisements. The Patanjali ads will now be tailored for the online audiences, bringing it closer to the online audience.

"We began in February and the response has been far more than our expectations. Within five months, Patanjali has become the most popular FMCG brand and the fifth most sought after brand online," a senior official at Patanjali told ET.

Reportedly, Patanjali’s YouTube ad views climbed to 15 crore from 30 lakh. Searches for Patanjali products on Google have gone up 11 times in the past four years and three-fold over the past three years, the official told ET.

"The response by the online audience to Patanjali proves the very strong association of the users with the brand. It goes on to show that the brand is future-ready and will go beyond the three Ms: metros, millennial and males," Vikas Agnihotri, industry director at Google India, told ET.


Patanjali is also getting positive feedback from Facebook. The ad duration has been reduced to six seconds for Facebook.

"Within five months of its debut, Patanjali has seen a significant ramp-up in its online presence. Unlike other online platforms, Facebook consumers get to make the choice of how deep they want to go into the content. Patanjali has a range of products across generations," Sandeep Bhushan, director for consumer and media at Facebook India, told ET.