Here's what fitness experts love and hate about the Apple Watch


Apple Watch fitness ring


The first reviews for the Apple Watch are officially out, which means health magazines have had their first chance to try out the watch too.



Both Self Magazine, which featured the Apple Watch on the cover of its March issue, and Men's Journal tried out the watch for several days and here's what they came away with.

What the Apple Watch does well as a fitness tracker:

  • Men's Journal's Marissa Stephenson loved the Apple Watch's sit and stand tracker. The watch pings you to stand for at least one minute per hour for 12 hours each day. "This seemed simple, but absolutely wasn't," Stephenson wrote. And it seems accurate, too - if you half-sit half-stand by leaning over your desk at work, the watch will know.
  • The Stand, Exercise, and Move rings motivate you. Stephenson wrote that filling these rings became a "daily quest."
  • Self Magazine's Liz Plosser loved that the Apple Watch logs all of your motion and activity - not just exercise. She writes: "And since strapping on the coveted gadget, my 'workouts' have consisted of walking to and from my baby's bassinet at all hours of the day (and night) and pushing him in a stroller to his pediatrician's office a half-mile away for newborn check-ups. But Apple Watch gives me credit for that stuff (as it should!). Even when the Watch's Workout app isn't open, its accelerometer, along with GPS from your phone, measures all of your physical movement. "

What's missing from the Apple Watch as a fitness tracker:

  • There's no sleep tracking, which both Plosser and Stephenson pointed out. "This seemed odd, because the Watch's built-in hardware has everything you need to get a surface-level summary of sleep," Stephenson wrote.
  • It's not waterproof, just water resistant.
  • Runners might want dedicated GPS tracking, which the Apple Watch doesn't have. "Runners will likely miss the map functions that provide more granular data like elevation gain, altitude, or an actual map of a run," Stephenson writes.
  • The Apple Watch is missing some features hardcore athletes would want. Stephenson notes that the Apple Watch doesn't chart yor heart rate and speed over your workout. To compare running times, you need to stop and start the watch for separate workouts too.

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