Here’s what IBM President thinks is the future for India

Here’s what IBM President thinks is the future for India IBM Chairwoman and President Ginni Rometty said future for India lies in cognitive computing that helps in decision making.

Cognitive computing is already a leader in information technology.

"As a country, India has been digitising and digitising the world. The foundation is in place. Digital is the foundation. India's next path is to now make the world cognitive. That would be the difference maker," said Rometty.

"You are a country of developers, which is why I say cognitive is India's future," she said, adding that by 2020 the country will be home to the largest developer population in the world and 3 million programmers will be helping develop at least ten per cent of the apps this year.

Rometty said she has met Prime Minister Narendra Modi thrice till now and has come out feeling positive after each of those meetings and added that the potential held by the country is "unparalleled".


"This is a moment historic change and you have to embrace it. Build a future around cognitive. I think no country has a more important role to play than India," she said.