Here's what it's like to stay in a Cuban Airbnb, where everything looked great but was actually broken


outside of airbnb havana

Tyler Greenfield/Business Insider

Business Insider's Graham Flanagan points to our second-floor 'casa particular' in Havana, Cuba.

Business Insider recently sent three reporters on a wild trip to Havana to experience the surreal time warp of this island-nation.

Instead of booking rooms in one of the state-run hotels, we decided to stay in a three-bedroom "casa particular," a traditional Cuban home we found through Airbnb, which recently started offering accommodations in Havana.

Our apartment was a few steps from Havana's main drag "La Rampa," the infamous Habana Libre hotel, and the Malecón's seaside views.

We'll have lots of stories about our adventures on the island, which you'll be able to find here.

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