Here's What People Are Really Buying On Amazon


A new report out of the Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) shows that people are buying more electronics than anything else on Amazon, and that groceries sell better than expected.


Books are still a major part of Amazon's business, which explains why it so aggressively pursues favorable agreements with publishers. But more people still buy digital music than ebooks from Amazon.

About one-third of book and game buyers downloaded their purchases, but only one-sixth of movie purchases were downloads. That means a lot more people are still buying movies as physical DVDs.

CIRP also found that people hate paying for premium shipping: 93% of customers use standard shipping, free Super Saver shipping, or Prime free 2-day shipping.

CIRP based its findings on surveys of 1,100 people who bought something on Amazon over an 8-month period.


Here's a full chart of what people are buying:

Here's what people are downloading:

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