Here's what people told me at the massive rally against a bailout deal in Athens



Mike Bird, Business Insider

Pretty much every news outlet in the world is focused on Greece right now, ahead of a July 5 referendum on whether to accept a bailout deal negotiated with Europe and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The government is campaigning for a "No" vote, and pushing to reject the deal it negotiated. On Monday, several thousand people gathered in central Athens to show their support for rejecting the agreement.

They assembled in Syntagma Square, the focal point of Athenian politics.


I spoke to a handful of people at the huge, peaceful rally in front of the parliament - the ones I spoke to seemed to think that a No vote would mean Greece leaving the eurozone, and that would be a positive thing.

Rallies for a Yes vote are likely to follow in the days ahead.

Here's what some of them told me on Monday night