Here's what the creators of Smosh would be doing if they weren't two of YouTube's biggest stars


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Anthony Padilla (bottom left) and Ian Hecox make up the comedy duo Smosh.

Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla are two of YouTube's biggest stars online.


They've been running their comedy channel Smosh for nearly ten years now. Together they have over 36 million subscribers combined across six different channels. 

Now, the two are starring in their own movie, "Smosh: The Movie", which is currently available via digital download.

Tech Insider recently spoke with both Hecox and Padilla and asked the duo what their lives would be like if they never started making videos on YouTube. Turns out neither of them may have ended up leaving their homes in Sacramento, California.

"Every time I think about that I get really depressed," said Padilla. "Honestly, I probably would have never left Sacremento, which, you know, there just isn't much to do there. I wasn't really driven aside from making web sites and doing web site designs myself to do much more."


Before Smosh, Padilla took a web design course in high school and spent a lot of his spare time creating websites, which eventually led to the creation of in 2002. Initially, the site was a muse for him and his friends. 

After high school when their friends were heading off to college, Padilla and Hecox stayed behind in Sacremento.

"We really didn't have the ability to go off and [go to] big colleges that were expensive so we were just going to go to the local community college," Padilla explained. "We had no one to hang out with and we just decided to joke around in my room and record ourselves on the webcam that my dad had let me borrow lip-synching the 'Power Rangers' theme song I had downloaded that day. We died laughing and thought that it was, for some reason, worthy of putting on the Internet exactly right before YouTube was even a thing. We put it on our MySpace page."

That first video quickly became one of the most-viewed on YouTube at the time. Today, it has over 9 million pageviews. 


From there, Smosh was born and the two never looked back.

"We were just making videos because it was fun and not because we actually thought we could turn it into something and we're really thankful we did now, because Smosh is our life, and our income, our everything you know," said Padilla.

"It's pretty depressing to think about what we'd be doing," Padilla added. "Ian was working at Chuck E. Cheese at the time."

"I might even still be there," Hecox added.

Read the rest of our interview with Smosh here.


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