Here's what US intelligence thought could happen to Hitler in 1943



Adolf Hitler.

During WWII the Office of Strategic Services, a precursor to the CIA, hired an American psychologist to analyze and predict the behavior of the worlds' most brutal tyrant.

Psychologist Henry Murray produced a 229-page report, "The Personality of Adolf Hitler," where he diagnosed Hitler as a schizophrenic who acted like a paranoid "utter wreck" and who was "incapable of normal human relationships."

According to Murray, Hitler's mental instability is the biggest factor for the Nazi leaders' downfall. "It can be confidently predicted that Hitler's neurotic spells will increase in frequency and duration and his effectiveness as a leader will diminish," Murray writes.
Murray predicted nine possible scenarios of what could happen next as of 1943:

1. A revolutionary German group may capture Hitler and imprison him in a fortress

hitler marching


Hitler marches to the Reichstag in Berlin in 1933.

Murray notes that this scenario is highly unlikely considering Hitler's "widespread reverence" but if he were captured, Murray is sure those forces would deliver him to the US. Once Hitler is out of power, "the General Staff will no doubt become the rulers of Germany," Murray writes.

2. Hitler might be assasinated by a German

In his report, Murray describes Hitler as a paranoid "utter wreck" who frequently worried about being shot or poisoned. He therefore took extreme precautions and "is protected as never before," according to Murray. Again, another unlikely situation since, "Germans are not inclined to shoot their leaders," but possible.

3. He may arrange to be executed by a close friend or a Jew

hitler hess


Adolf Hitler and his personal representative Rudolf Hess.

If necessary, Hitler may orchestrate an elaborate and dramatic death in order to appear as a hero taken too soon from his nation. Similar to the deaths of Caesar and Christ, death by the hand of a loyal follower really appealed to Hitler, Murray notes. "It might increase the fanaticism of the soldiers for a while and create a legend in conformity with the ancient pattern."

To expand on this theory, Hitler may even ask for a Jewish person to shoot and kill him in order to validate his beliefs that Jews were evil. In this scenario, Hitler would hope that "his fellow countrymen would rise in their wrath and massacre every remaining Jew in Germany."

4. Hitler may die while leading troops into battle

hilter soldiers


Adolf Hitler inspecting a line of soldiers in Nuremberg 1935.

Another way for Hitler to glorify himself as a courageous and decisive leader would be to die on the battlefield. This course of action is most likely considering Hitler realized his death alongside troops would exemplify his battle cry to "fight with fanatical death-defying energy to the bitter end."

5. He may go insane


Encyclopaedia Britannica

Adolf Hitler.

Murray diagnosed Hitler as a schizophrenic who suffered from frequent emotional collapses and lacked mental clarity in high-stress situations.

Often described as moody and listless, Hitler was an insomniac and was traumatized by violent nightmares when he was able to sleep.

"The man has been on the verge of paranoid schizophrenia for years and with the mounting load of frustration and failure he may yield his will to the turbulent forces of our unconscious," Murray writes.

6. He may commit suicide

Based on Hitler's stubborn pride, he would kill himself before being imprisoned.

"If he chooses this course he will do it at the last moment and in the most dramatic possible manner," Murray writes. Hitler's predicted suicide attempts include the following:

  • Blow up his home and himself in Berchtesgaden with dynamite
  • Make a giant funeral pyre and throw himself into the flames
  • Shoot himself with a silver bullet, mirroring the suicide of Haitian Emperor Christophe
  • Jump to his death from a bridge or balcony
This came to be: On April 30, 1945 Hitler committed suicide in his Berlin bunker with his long-term mistress Eva Braun, less than an hour after their wedding.

7. He could also die of natural causes

Inevitable of all human beings.

8. He might seek refuge in a neutral country



In this undated photo, Hitler is shown with his driver in the official Nazi Mercedes automobile.

According to Murray, the only case for this happening would be if Hitler was drugged by one of his trusted advisers and put on a plane to Switzerland where he would then be persuaded to stay once he woke up. This option would not please Hitler because he could be labeled as a deserter or coward.

9. He may fall into the hands of the United Nations

Murray didn't elaborate on this prediction and only described it as "least likely, but most desirable outcome."

Here is Murray's full study: