Here's What You Can Earn Working At McKinsey


mckinsey sign


McKinsey pulls in $7 billion a year. Here's how much of that trickles down to employees.

The elite management consultancy McKinsey has had a ridiculous amount of influence on American society.


As chronicled by Duff McDonald in his history of the company, "The Firm," the highlights and lowlights include:

Its consultants urged President Eisenhower to create the Chief of Staff position in the White House.

Its consultants helped GE re-organize in the 1960s, leading to a boom in the corporation's business.

Its consultants guided Enron on its path of self-destruction.


"For better or worse," McDonald writes, "McKinsey just might be the most influential collection of talent in the world."

And that talent brings in the big bucks, to the tune of $7 billion in revenue a year.

If you land a gig there, chances are you'll be making bank, too.

According to Glassdoor, here's the combined compensation - annual salary and bonus - for 15 positions at McKinsey, in ascending order:

1. Executive Assistant: $59,425
2. Research Analyst: $68,430
3. Investment Banking Analyst: $78,957
4. Business Analyst: $86,687
5. Senior Research Analyst: $88,928
6. IT Business Analyst: $99,636
7. Senior Business Analyst: $106,061
8. Associate Consultant: $151,371
9. Practice Specialist: $152,850
10. Associate: $162,911
11. Senior Associate: $176,489
12. Management Consultant Associate: $198,977
13. Engagement Manager: $229,158
14. Senior Engagement Manager: $233,451
15. Associate Principal: $376,333