Here's When The Clinton White House Wanted To 'Send A Muslim!'

A handwritten note from the Clinton White House suggested the State Department "find a prominent Muslim associate" to help the U.S. government with a classified terrorism "effort."

"Send a Muslim!" the note declared.

The note was included in the latest document dump from the Clinton White House. A second batch of newly declassified documents was released by the William J. Clinton Presidential Library Friday.
Portions of the document dump were redacted. Because of missing contextual material it is unclear who wrote the note and what project they suggested a Muslim "associate" could help with.

"This effort will get us to the real issue of 'terrorism' vs. a perceived issue of religion. (Muslims against us and vice versa.)," the note said. "Recommend - tasking State to find a prominent Muslim associate directly or indirectly with the U.S. Gov."

The note was included in a larger group of files labeled "terrorism." It's not clear if the note is in response to a memorandum included in the same group of documents that was sent by former Transportation Secretary Federico Peña on Aug. 8, 1995. In the memorandum Peña advised the White House to hold a press conference the next day to advise the public of increased security at U.S. airports.

Here's the full note:

Clinton Muslim note

Clinton Presidential Library