Here's why every balding guy should rock a beard


When a guy starts to bald, the rules change.


The changes shouldn't be drastic, but he needs to keep in mind some things he didn't think about before. That includes what he should wear, but also how he should treat his facial hair, the only remaining hair on his head.

Going bald is a study in contrasts. Now that you no longer have the hair on your head to contrast the rest of your face, it can sometimes seem visually imbalanced, as there's no hair to break up your face's shape.

This can be easily fixed by growing out the hair on the other side of your head - your beard! Take advantage of the fact that male pattern baldness doesn't affect it in the same way, and add some contrast to your face.

For example, take Bruce Willis' famously shiny crown:


Bruce Willis

Getty/Theo Wargo and Kevin Winter

In the above side-by-side comparison, it's much easier to tell the visual difference that a beard provides. It even makes a man look younger.

Some may think that this gives your face an "upside-down" look, where the hair is on the wrong side. But what it actually does is give back the balance that your face lost when the hairline receded.

The best part: since high testosterone is linked to both hair loss and great beard growth, you're almost guaranteed to be able to grow an acceptable beard if you're also losing your hair. Call it nature's consolation prize. Who are you to snub it?

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