Himalayan water now has new ''natural flavours'' and here's what that means

Himalayan Water has new “natural fruit flavors” under the name of Himalayan Orchard Pure and this is what it means flavored water industry which is tainted by artificial flavoring.

It also makes for a great choice for consumers who increasingly seek healthier alternatives in beverages and are calorie-conscious.


The water is available in three flavors – Apple, Strawberry and Peach and is priced at Rs. 55 for a 500-ml bottle. The product is available in Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Bengaluru through select modern retail and e-commerce outlets, already.

Himalayan also has partnered with celebrated designer Masaba Gupta, whose work resonates with Himalayan Orchard Pure’s proposition of a burst of flavor. As a part of this collaboration, Masaba will be creating an exclusive collection for the upcoming Winter Festive edition of Lakmé Fashion Week inspired by the unique qualities of this water and its natural and flavorful freshness.

Kuttiah K S, VP & Head of Marketing, NourishCo Beverages told Business Insider, “Flavoured and enhanced waters are fast emerging as popular and healthy alternatives in the beverages market globally. With a strong entity like Himalayan Water, we wanted to explore a possibility where people had a better and trusted alternative to carbonated drinks."

Kuttiah also explained the company might look to expand into more flavors in the future pertaining to demand. Himalayan ‘Orchard Pure’ just has around 16 Kcal and around 4 gms of sugar in each bottle with being the pioneer brand to have natural flavours.


Natural flavors derive from a source found in nature, whether it’s a fruit or a vegetable however after processing it and by the time it finds itself in your food, the only difference between artificial flavors and these are that artificial flavours are entirely lab-produced.

Hence the difference between natural and artificial flavors is tiny, though natural flavors haven't been proven to have any negative effects on health.