Hollywood's elite $75,000 a year sex club that claims to have celebrity members is embroiled in scandal after evicting one of its own

Hollywood's elite $75,000 a year sex club that claims to have celebrity members is embroiled in scandal after evicting one of its own

Eyes Wide Shut

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Tom Cruise attended sex parties similar to those held by Snctm in "Eyes Wide Shut."

  • The first member of Snctm was banned for life for allegedly bullying the founder's 12-year-old daughter on Instagram.
  • Known as Bunnyman, Phuong Tram met his girlfriend at a party while in character.
  • Each party hosts less than 100 as wealthy men and women have a night of anonymous sex.
  • The club claims that Gwyneth Paltrow has been a guest at an event.

A feud is erupting between the elite club's founder and its most notorious member - and it could threaten the privacy of wealthy people who belong to the club.

Snctm, a Los Angeles-based sex club for the rich, is making headlines for kicking out a member and publicly announcing his ban.

Phoung Tram - known by his character, Bunnyman - has been expelled from the club "for behavior unbecoming of a Snctm member" according to a statement released to members and obtained by the MailOnline.


The document alleges that "Phuong stooped so low as to contact our founder's 12-year-old daughter on Instagram with messages that hurt her deeply. This was the final straw."

Tran, who is in his mid-30s, is the son of Vietnamese refugees. According to Esquire, Tran is a manager at a Fortune 500 company. Outside of the club, his interest include "scotch, cigars, fine tobacco pipes, and post-WWII contemporary art."

He became the first member of Snctm in 2012 but his experiences soured over time. In a November Instagram post from Bunnyman's account with the caption"The Snctm Family is Dead, Long Live Sanctum Club," Tram deplored the plight of the once "magical place."

Tran further disapproved that "the pillars (privacy, safety, and exploration) that sustained the Club have crumbled."

For the privacy pillar, Tran accuses founder Damon Lawner of leaking names of celebrity guests to the media. Rumored attendees include Gwyneth Paltrow and Bill Maher. Paltrow did a Q&A profile with Lawner on her website, goop.


The ongoing rift between Damon and Bunnyman is not new. Tran vocally opposed the club's participation in a television reality show, Showtime's "Naked SNCTM." In his Instagram post, Tran called Lawner - though only referring to him as "The Founder" - the club's "Achilles heel."

Tran said Lawner "lacked any sort of pedigree, class, and experience" and mentioned email outbursts and juvenile antics."

In the same Instagram post, Tran announced his intention to leave the club because Snctm allegedly hired a performer with an STD. The post is one of many that provides a link to the website SnctmUsedtoBeCool.com.

"We have never done this before. Phuong's actions are despicable, and we are compelled to announce the truth," Snctm wrote in a statement. The club said it's taking measures to protect the privacy of members.

"We feel it necessary to shine light on his disgusting behavior, taking the extraordinary step to expose one of our former members so that our growing community knows to avoid him," the company said. "Nothing he says may be relied upon, and he is now outside our circle forever."


Snctm offers several expensive membership tiers.

The basic membership costs $20,000 per year while the Violet Key Membership is purchased with a one-time payment of $1 million. The addition of the latter angered Tran as a "hilarious slight to current Dominus members."

The Dominus membership - the type Tran lost - is only available to 20 people worldwide.

To attend a Snctm party, all guests must complete an interview with Lawner after filling out an online questionnaire and submitting photos of their faces and bodies.