Hot Wheels now has a car that can hold your GoPro - here's how it works


Hot Wheels and GoPro collaborated to make a Hot Wheels car called the Zoom In that carries a Go Pro Session 4 or Session 5 through your track. The following is a transcript of the video.


Aj: Oooooh. There it is!

Hot Wheels officially has a GoPro mount.

Aj: We are going to be playing with the Hot Wheels Zoom In.

Alana: Okay.


Aj: That has a GoPro attached to it.

Alana: What?

Clayton: I see this track set up here. I'm ready to go.

Benjamin: I am not too ashamed to say that I still have Matchbox cars and even a few Hot Wheels. Three... two... one...

Aj: Oh! First try.


Alana: What did I tell you?

Aj: It was kind of cool though, yeah.

Clayton: We had it like 80%, it was there, then it came right back down.

Alana: Oh, my gosh, I feel like I'm on this ride.