How 20 TV stars hid their pregnancies during shooting


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If suddenly your favorite female TV character is wearing baggy clothing, holding giant handbags, or standing behind random props, a coverup may be in play.

Actresses often have to go to great lengths to hide their pregnancies during filming, though by nature it is more frequently an issue for TV actors, as shows have season deadlines that aren't always as forgiving as the ones for films. 

Not every pregnancy can be written into a character's storyline. So shows have to try to be creative in manuevering around stars' baby bumps. But that often just means the actresses are draped in comically oversized clothes (winter apparently never ends), get hidden behind randomly placed objects (they do a lot of laundry and suddenly have a ton of potted plants), or they're filmed from the chest up.

Take a look at which actresses were pregnant while filming and how their TV shows went about trying to hide it.