How Pat Kiernan Transcended Marvel Universes To Appear As A News Anchor In 'Spider-Man 2' And 'Avengers'


Pat Kiernan Pats Papers Newspaper 2

Will Wei, Business Insider

NY1 anchorman Pat Kiernan is the only link between the two Marvel universes.

NY1 morning news anchor Pat Kiernan is starting to make a name for himself in the Marvel Universe.

After appearing as himself in 2012's "The Avengers," the 45-year-old local anchorman also has a hefty cameo in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2."

The roles are significant, considering it makes Kiernan the only link between the two Marvel universes.

So how did Kiernan receive such an honor?


Pat Kiernan

Marvel/"The Avengers"

Kiernan appears as an anchorman in both "The Avengers" and "The Amazing Spider-Man 2."

He tells Vulture how the TV news-to-movie process works:

Generally, the writers send our people both the entire script and the script for the scene in question. NY1 evaluates it to make sure that it's not something that'll discredit the brand, and if they're okay with the script, then they'll present it to me and if I'm into it, I'll either read it as they've written it or I'll go back to them with follow-up questions or suggested changes. They send us a script, we put it in the TelePrompTer, I try to take a little extra care with my hair and makeup that morning, and when we're in a break, I sit down and read the story to the camera. Then we just send them a hard drive of the video clip.

But just because NY1 participates, doesn't mean that Kiernan always makes the cut.


I remember I did a scene, a fairly long scene, for The Avengers. I went to the premiere and I'm waiting the whole movie for my line. Finally, in maybe the final two minutes, there's a montage of several television reporters, and you kind of see me blurry in one corner of the montage and hear my voice for three seconds. I was like: "That's it?!"

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