Hey Google - How to activate ok Google

Hey Google - How to activate ok Google
Delhi: Google CEO Sundar Pichai during a press conference in Delhi on Dec. 16, 2015. (Photo: Sunil Majumdar/IANS)
One of the major advantages of using an Android phone is the ability to use Google Voice Commands. However, more can come through to your surprise if you activate ‘OK Google’ detection from any screen. This will mean that when your phone is locked or when you are using another app, you can just speak out a command or question to make Google Search actively pursue the command given.


To start, you have to launch the Google App and open settings. Go to OK Google Detection and now you can toggle from any screen. Once you enable these settings, you can say ‘Ok Google’ to start a voice search from the Google App. When you have turned on ‘From Any Screen’, you can let Google respond to your voice. This can work when the screen is on r when the device is charging.

The prompt will ask you to say ‘OK Google’ three times. This is meant for the app to check how your voice sounds. If this is set, only you can launch Google Search.

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Once these settings are done and you have trained the phone to identify your voice, the device can recognize you when you say ‘OK Google’. It can respond to you when the screen I on and when the device is charging. Also, your voice commands will get tied to your Google Account. It is possible for you to view or delete them anytime by going to Google Activity Controls.

For changing any of the settings, you can do so by going to the Voice section of the Google App settings.