How to activate Windows 10 explained

How to activate Windows 10 explained
Windows 10 | Image by 2023583 from Pixabay
Microsoft Windows 10 and the different versions of it are the most popular software powering majority of computers on the earth today. When you have not bought a genuine copy of Windows 10, sometimes, the system will flash a message ‘Activate Windows’. There are some simple ways in which you can activate your Windows 10.

Buy Windows 10

The simplest and the straight forward way to activate Windows 10 is to buy it online. You can follow these steps to do it.

  • Go to Settings on Windows 10 or go to Cortana and Type ‘Settings’.
  • Open the Settings and Click on Update and Security.
  • On the right side of the Windows you will find a link ‘Activation’. Click on it.
  • Click on the option ‘Go to Store’ and buy Windows 10 from the store.
Other methods to activate Windows 10

Use an ISO file

Instead of an upgrade to Windows 10, you can activate Windows by using and ISO file. It is possible to get the latest version of Windows 10 Professional with the help of an ISO file. If you had earlier installed any Windows version, you will know how to upgrade with Windows 10.

Easy way to Activate Windows 10

When you have installed Windows 7, and activated it, you do not need to activate Windows 10. The simple trick is this. Now upgrade your earlier version of Windows (Windows 7 or Windows 8) to get Windows 10.

You do not need to buy Windows 10

When you have activated Windows 7 or Windows 8, your upgrade to Windows 10 will give you a fully active copy. Hence there is no need for you to buy Windows 10.