How to become IAS officer in India

If you aspire to become an IAS officer in India, it is good to start your preparation when you are in high school. Even little things you do towards this end in a planned way can boost up your IAS preparation immensely in the long run. Here are some steps that will help you to become an IAS officer.

Retain your books

The General Studies of UPSC Civil Services Prelims of the IAS exams are usually considered to cover the syllabus of the 12th class. Hence the books and notebooks you used for your 12th class will be of great help during exam preparation. Do not discard your books and notebooks. Keep them safely after your board exams.


Diversify your interests

One of the most desired qualifications expected in a candidate aspiring to become an IAS officer is diverse interests. The UPSC exams expect you to have mastered the basic general knowledge of all the subjects be it social studies or science. Spend some time on a weekly basis to go through the NCERT books of lower classes right from class 6.

Learn from others


Get some class notes from your other friends and go through them. If you belong to science stream, get notes from arts background and vice-versa.

Develop interest

Develop an interest in other subjects too. This can help you prepare for the IAS exams more efficiently. Watch some videos pertaining to other subjects. This practice will help you gain a deeper knowledge across multiple domains.

Read newspapers regularly

Make it a regular practice to read a good newspaper. Often candidates preparing for the exams complain they lack enough time to go through newspapers. Identify the news relevant for the exams and spend some time to update yourself on the current trends and current happenings.

Know the exam thoroughly

Sit with some experts and gain a thorough acquaintance with the IAS exam, its syllabus, exam pattern, preparation method, and previous years question papers and all other pieces of information.



Get some friends who are working with similar goals. Share your knowledge with them and be prepared to learn from them too. This will help you stay in focus and also augment your knowledge easily.

Develop the habit of studying


Most students can miss the boat on preparation during their college days. Many students sit for the exam preparation just before the exams. One should cultivate the habit of studying and working hard.

The tips you learnt above will make your UPSE IAS exam preparation a much easier and organized approach. When you work hard in a systematic and regular manner, you can show good progress when compared to many others around you.

The approach discussed above can certainly help you deepen your knowledge and equip yourself to face the IAS exams confidently and efficiently. The little efforts you put on a daily basis can end up giving immense results that will surprise you in the long run.