How to buy a home in San Francisco's completely insane housing market


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Joe Raedle/Getty Images

No two ways around it, San Francisco is in the midst of a housing crisis.

It's hard to find an apartment that's even approaching affordable, as the average rent for a one-bedroom is over $3,500.

It can be tempting for many to get out of that market and get into homeownership. But that's even harder, with an estimated 57% of all homes in the San Francisco Bay Area worth $1 million or more.


To get more insight into how to navigate the insane San Francisco housing market, I talked to Zephyr Real Estate's Suhl Chin, an 18-year Bay Area real estate veteran. I can vouch for Chin's bonafides - she helped me buy my first home, here in San Francisco, late last year.

Here's the current state of the San Francisco market, and how to succeed despite all the hurdles this housing crisis can place in your way.