How to check your Idea Mobile number

How to check your Idea Mobile number

After getting your new SIM card, it takes time to remember your number. If you are an Idea customer and have either forgotten your number or do not remember your number, here is how you can get your Idea number without many hassles. Interestingly, you can use this feature on your mobile set even if you do not have a sufficient balance to make any calls or use the mobile data.

USSD code to know your Idea mobile number

Most network providers give USSD service. This can be used for availing of several services provided by the network. However, all the network providers do not have the same USSD codes. So, when you wish to make use of a particular service or to know a particular information from a given network provider, you must know the right kind of USSD codes. Here is a simple way to know your Idea number even without mobile balance.

Step by step procedure to know your own Idea mobile number


Go to the phone app on your mobile phone

Dial *1# on the Idea SIM for which you wish to know the mobile number.

You will receive a flash message giving you your Idea mobile number. The message will also give you a few other USSD codes to know about your latest offers. Such messages will not be stored on your phone. They will be lost once you click on ‘OK’. So, you need to take down the information before closing the screen.