How to choose the right cloud platform for your startup?

Cloud computing is presently a noteworthy marketplace system for any company intending to deliver quality services to customers over an assortment of channels, particularly those including abnormal amounts of online traffic. Be that as it may, how does an association know whether, and which, cloud is best?

The 3 Questions



What kind of customers are you planning to serve and how well do you plan to serve them? Ask these questions to yourself. Additionally you should also consider

• Additional work required for installation, integration
• The rapidity of output i.e. how fast the platform will let you market and generate revenue


You’ll have to check through the right compute, network and storage capabilities to make sure it just fits. Consider

• Hardware Requirements
• The extensibility of the product
• The platform allows integration with new cloud services


Will it require significant resources, expertise to deploy, customise or operate? This is one of the most important questions you should be asking the service provider. Consider

• Will you need help troubleshooting the platform?

• Will the platform be receiving updates?

On account of these inquiries, you should comprehend that choice of platform relies on upon your particular capacities, assets, timeline, and strategy. Utilizing a nitty gritty RFP, altered to adjust to your unique requirements, will additionally enhance the selection procedure.