How to create a Google doc on your computer or mobile device

How to create a Google doc on your computer or mobile device

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Create a new Google doc on your computer's web browser or through the Google Docs mobile app.

  • When you create a Google document, or doc, you're making use of one of the best tools available for collaborative work between people in different locations.
  • Using Google docs, you can create documents ranging from essays to resumes to brochures and more, and you and your teammates can edit them in real time.
  • Google docs automatically save themselves every few seconds after new content is added or edits are made, so they dramatically curtail the risk of lost work.

While perhaps the major selling factor of a Google doc is how these online documents allow people to collaborate together on a project from remote locations, the real beauty of a Google dos is how it protects your work from being lost in the event of a computer crash or a human error.

Google docs auto save themselves almost constantly and are backed up to a remote location, so unless you intentionally delete a file, it will never be lost.

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If you're working on a report, term paper, or work project you can't afford to lose, consider shutting down Word or Pages and turning instead to a Google doc. You can always copy and paste your work from Google to another program later, but you can never retrieve a document accidentally deleted off your computer.

That said, the chance to share a working document among a number of people is the selling point for most people. You can create a Google doc and later share it with others for editing or additional content, or you can share the document right from the start and work together in real time, actually watching as your colleagues type, edit, revise, and generally work with the copy, images, and other files at play.


Here's how to create a Google doc on your computer or through the Google Docs mobile app.

Create a Google doc on your computer

To make a Google doc on your computer, first make sure you are logged into your Google account. Once signed in...

1. Go to, your Gmail page, or your Google Drive.

2. Click the Google Apps icon, which is the square formed by nine smaller dark gray squares at the top right of the screen.

google docs

Steven John/Business Insider

Click the apps icon pictured here.


3. Scroll down to the second group of apps icons and find the blue with white stripes "Docs" icon and click it.


Steven John/Business Insider

Click the "Docs" icon.

4. On the next page, choose the type of document you want to create, and note that most often, you will want to work with the first type, the page with the four color plus symbol with the word "Blank" underneath.

Screen Shot 2019 03 14 at 12.41.14 PM

Steven John/Business Insider

Choose the template format for your doc.

5. Click on the "Blank" doc and your new Google document opens up.


Screen Shot 2019 03 14 at 12.41.31 PM

Steven John/Business Insider

A blank page awaits.

Once you've created a Google doc, the first thing you should do is name it by typing a new title into the bar at the top left that will auto fill with the words "Untitled Document." Once that's done, next share it if others are expecting you to do so. Then start writing away!

Create a Google doc on a mobile device

To create a Google doc on your phone or mobile device, you first need to download the Google docs app. The fastest way to find the app is to download it from Apple's App Store or the equivalent app marketplace on your device.

You can also find the app by signing into Google from your mobile web browser and then tapping the Google Apps icon at the top right of your screen. Swipe down and tap the "Docs" icon and you will be brought to a page with a "Download Google Docs" link front and center. Click it, and then get the app.

Once you have the Google docs app on your phone...


1. Open the app to find all of your past documents presented to you.


Steven John/Business Insider

Click the multicolored plus sign to create a new doc.

2. To make a new Google doc, hit the multicolored plus symbol at the bottom right of the screen, then tap "New document."


Steven John/Business Insider

Choose a template or create a new doc.

3. Start typing.



Steven John/Business Insider

Your doc is ready to go.

To find past docs, use the folder icon at the top right of the app's home screen if you know where they are stored, or search by name with the magnifying glass icon beside it.

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