Steps to delete my Activity in Google account and Google Search

Google is configured to store your user data. Over the recent years, there is a lot of fuss going on in the social media about Google and other companies storing the user data and selling them for a profit. Whether these assumptions are true or false, you might want to delete or hide your activity on Google when you browse using Google. Here are a few ways you can control how Google stores the data regarding your activity.

Steps to delete my activity in your Google account

Go to the ‘My Activity’ section of your Google Account. Here you can view the usage data of different kinds including Android usage data, voice and audio data and also Google Assistant data including smart home control and the searches you did. You can choose the items you wish to delete by clicking on the three dots you see on the right side of the items and click on delete.

How to do batch delete of your activity on Google

Go to ‘My activity’ section of your Google account.

On the upper right side of the screen, you will see three vertical dots. Click on them.

Click on ‘Delete activity by’.

Click on ‘Today’ to open the drop down menu.

Click on ‘All time’ to delete the activity on Google completely.

You can also set a data range and delete the activity for the select range. There are also options to delete data for some particular keywords, type of activity or a Google product.

In the pop-up you will see, click on ‘Delete’.

Turning off Google Activity tracking

It is also possible to pause some tracking aspects without deleting your stored Google usage data. If you wish to do this, follow these simple steps.

In your Google account, go to ‘My activity’ section.

Click on the menu link (three horizontal lines) you will find on the top left corner of the browser window.

Click on ‘Activity controls’.

Click on the box next to those services you want to disable the tracking.
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