How to delete my activity from WhatsApp?

Most social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat have facilities to log out and go invisible. When it comes to WhatsApp, it is not possible to go invisible for a brief period as long as you have the app installed on your phone. Also, you cannot get rid of the notifications. When you open WhatsApp, you are shown online and the contacts get to see you. Here we discuss a few ways to beat the system without the use of any other app or silencing the phone.

Disabling the Whatsapp tune

By default, you will have to select a ringtone for WhatsApp messages or calls and there is no way to choose silent option. To overcome this problem, create your own silent ringtone by recording silence for 2 seconds using audio recorder app and saving it with an identifiable file name. Then select this silent ringtone for your notification tone and call ringtone.

Disable notifications

Go to phone settings and then Apps. Open the list of Apps and select WhatsApp. Disable vibrations and pop ups. Now you will know when a message is delivered only when you open WhatsApp.

Disable notifications light


Go to Settings in WhatsApp, and then Notifications and Light. Choose ‘None’. After doing this, remove WhatsApp from your home screen. After this, you will not know when messages are delivered to you till you open the WhatsApp by gong to the app menu.

These steps can help you kill WhatsApp without uninstalling it altogether from your mobile. In this way, you can remain out of the notice from your contacts.