How to delete my activity on Facebook?

We have been hearing about social media platforms like Facebook overlooking the importance of protecting the personal and sensitive information of the users. There are ways to delete your activities on Facebook from the beginning. However, despite resorting to such methods, it is a difficult thing to keep up with the internal changes brought in by Facebook. There are also a few browser extensions and user scripts that can remove all of the Facebook activities from the activity log. There are two options to remove your past activity from Facebook timeline.

Delete your Facebook activity one by one

If you want to retain your Facebook account, but would like to delete your past activity, follow these simple steps. Go to your past posts by year in your timeline and remove them. You can choose to delete one activity group at a time. The downside to this method is that you will have to spend a lot of time and search for all the old stuff you have posted on your timeline.

Automate the process

There is another way to let macro finish the job. However, since Facebook is changing from time to time, it is not that easy to find one Macro that can do the job. Anyways, you can try out using iMacros for Chrome and Firefox and running them from the activity page.

How to delete your Facebook account permanently


If you have chosen to delete your Facebook account permanently, follow these steps.

Go to the settings page.

You will find ‘download a copy of your Facebook data’ at the bottom of the General Account Settings. Click on ‘Start my archive’ and then after the archive is downloaded, delete your account permanently.