How to delete my activity on Google Chrome?

It is true that Google always stores the user data, but you can certainly have some control. Over the recent past, we have been listening to a lot of stories about Google and other companies storing the user data and selling it. There are a few ways in which you can turn off your activities on Google Chrome. Here we discuss two of them including deleting the usage data on Google account and also turning off Google activity tracking.

How to delete usage data on your Google Account

Go to My Activity in your Google account.

Click on the three vertical dots you will see on the upper right side of the screen.

Click on Delete Activity By

When you click on Today, a drop down menu will open.

Click on All time if you wish to delete all of your activity.

Click on Delete to delete all of your activity for today.

You can also set a date range and delete the data that is based on a keyword, kind of activity or type of Google Product. When you see the pop-up, click on Delete.

This will delete all of the usage data for most of the Google Products.

How to turn off Google activity tracking

Go to My Activity in your Google Account.

You will find a menu button of three horizontal lines on the upper left of the browser window. Click on it.

Click on Activity Controls.

Click on the switch next to every type of service for which you wish to disable the tracking.