How to delete my activity on YouTube?

YouTube watch history makes it possible to find the videos that you watched recently and also to enhance your video recommendations. It is possible to control your watch history by pausing or deleting your history. If the history is paused, the videos you watch during that time will not be shown in history and it will also not be used to enhance your recommendations.

How to remove individual items

To remove a video, select Remove from the watch history that you will find on the right of the video details. This will help remove a video from your watch history.

For clearing off the watch history, select ‘Clear all watch history’ and this process will delete your entire history.

To pause watch history, choose ‘Pause watch history’. This process will pause your watch history. The videos you viewed during the period when you have paused the watch history will not be shown in the watch history and it will not be used for enhancing the video recommendations for you.

How to clear or pause watch history when you have signed out

When you have signed out, YouTube still observes the videos you watch on the given device for improving your video recommendations. It is possible to clear or pause the history from your device and this will keep YouTube gathering the details about the video you watched when you have signed out.

Finding the watch history on a computer

To find the videos that you have watched earlier, go to the ‘Search watch history’ and then in the box on top of the Search page, type out what you are looking for. Click on ‘Search’. Click on the items you wish to delete or delete all the times all together.