How to download photos from Instagram

Instagram is the most widely used photo sharing platform around the world. The Facebook-owned social networking platform has millions of photos of everything from infographics, landscapes to pictures of dogs.

Unfortunately, Instagram does not allow users to save photos onto their phone directly from the mobile app.


Is it legal?

Instagram’s rules with respect to copyright infringement rules state that as a user of the app any photo or video that you personally take is your copyright. So you can stop others from using your photos or distributing them and editing or creating new content based on those photos.

It’s not that Instagram doesn’t let you save photos at all. Users have the option to bookmark a posts save them in a ‘collection’ on the mobile app itself.

There can be many reasons to want to save photos offline like limited data plans or saving a picture of yourself that somebody else has shared.

Here’s how you can download images from Instagram to save them in your phone’s gallery:

1. Open Instagram on your phone and navigate to the photo that you wish to download.

2. Tap the burger menu (three dots) above the picture and select ‘Copy link’

3. Go to DownloadGram’s website, paste the url in the input space on the portal and tap download.


4. After DownloadGram has processed your request a ‘Download Image’ button with show up.

5. Click on ‘Download Image’ and the file will be stored in your phone’s gallery.