How to file Income Tax Return online for salaried employee

How to file Income Tax Return online for salaried employee
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Tax compliance is viewed as the mark of an individual’s financial wisdom and ethical outlook. It is highly advised that every individual earning a taxable income files ITR in time. In fact, filing ITR is never a difficult thing to do.

E-filing, also expanded as electronic filing refers to the process of submitting your income tax returns online. Income tax returns can be filed in two ways. The traditional route to doing this requires you to visit the Income Tax Department’s office and filing your ITR physically. The other route is to do e-filing online. During the past few years, filing ITR online has become the most sought after route taken by the taxpayers since it is very easy and does not need any printing of documents. Moreover, it can be done free of cost. Here are the simple steps to file income tax returns online. Here we learn the different easy steps to file ITR online for salaried employees.

Getting ready

Before moving forward, you must first get ready with the documents including PAN, Aadhaar, Bank Account details, Form 16, and details of investments made.


If you have registered with the IRS site, you need to login to file your ITR. If you are a new user, you need to first register by signing up. This is a simple process easy to follow on the Income Tax Department’s website. Submit the details of your email ID and mobile number to receive the OTP for registration. Once you register, filing ITR can be simpler than you think.

Upload Form 16

The next step is to upload Form 16 in PDF format.

Personal information

In the next step, you will enter the details like your name as found on your PAN card, PAN, date of birth, and father’s name.

Salary details

You will then fill in the name of your employer and the category to which the employer belongs. Then you have to input he salary details and the TDS information. Entering the break-up of the salary is necessary for the clear calculation of taxable income.

Details to claim deductions

You need to enter the details of investments you made for the purpose of claiming the deductions. This will include contributions towards PPF, and insurance premiums. You can also claim deductions under other heads like the tuition fees of children.

Details of taxes paid

If you happen to have an income other than the salaries you get like income on freelance jobs and income through interest, you need to enter such information in addition to the details about the tax payments that you have made already. These details can be added up by uploading Form 26AS. When you upload this form, only the details about TDS will get auto-populated. Hence, you must enter the details of income in their respective places.


In the next step, you will have to enter your bank account details and move towards e-filing. When you make e-filing, you will get an acknowledgement number.

Once you have filed your ITR, you can also e-verify your income tax return. Now you have completed your ITR filing successful online.