How to get one of the best games in the App Store free at Starbucks branches in the UK


Monument Valley high rez


Monument Valley.

London app "Monument Valley," one of the most beautiful mobile games around, is currently free to download with a code from Starbucks coffee shops in the UK.

"Monument Valley" is a puzzle adventure game where users guide a lost princess through a series of strange, mesmerising environments. It features winding, intricate structures with geometry inspired by artist M.C. Escher. 

As of July 2014, one million copies of the game had been sold. It's normally priced at £2.49 ($3.99). 

Monument Valley developer Matt Miller revealed the promotion this morning:


Edward Hines-Lindo commented on Twitter that "If you've never played it, get it because it's ace." And London-based Katie Collins from Wired also mentioned the news.

Monument Valley has garnered a lot of interest since it launched. Apple made the game its iPad Game of the Year and handed it an "Apple Design Award" in 2014. In March it shot to fame after it appeared on hit TV drama House of Cards. Kevin Spacey's character Frank Underwood was seen playing Monument Valley in a show in season 3.

Monument Valley


House of Cards character Frank Underwood was seen playing Monument Valley.

Starbucks runs something called "Pick of the Week." Through the company's own app, or printed codes, the coffee giant releases weekly premium content, such as books, games, and music, free to customers. 

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