How To Go Jogging With The iPhone 6 Plus


iphone stroller


A Reddit user's solution to jogging with the iPhone 6 Plus.

At 5.5 inches, the iPhone 6 Plus is significantly larger than any phone Apple has ever created. Its size has made people question how they'll continue doing basic things with the device, such as:

  • Talk on the phone without looking absurd
  • Type (the 5.5 inch display requires 2-hand typing rather than one)
  • Jog without dropping the device

The Reddit community came up with a few solutions for the issue of jogging with a massive device in hand. Some of the solutions are ridiculous and include:

  • "A cart, and/or running stroller"
  • "Quadrocopter carrying my 6+ will follow the signal of my apple watch everywhere."
  • "Tethered helium balloon."
  • "Kangaroo pouch."

The best, most realistic solution, however, may be a band called the FlipBelt, which retails for about $28. It's a colorful, elastic waist band that can be worn over shorts or pants. It has cubbies plus headphone holes so you can stuff anything from money to keys to a very large iPhone in it securely while you jog, hands free.

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