How to increase the battery life of Android phone - All you need to know

How to increase the battery life of Android phone - All you need to know
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The large and bright screens of your android phones along with the high-end features you find on them are sucking a lot of power. This will literally squeeze the power out of your phone battery. Here are a few expert ways to increase the battery life of your android phone.

Factors that reduce the battery life on the android phones

Some of the most prominent factors that lead to poor battery life on your android phone include brighter screens, thinner bodies, faster processors, speedy internet connections, and more number of background software. These are the reasons why we see battery cases and portable batteries highly sought after by the users. Here are a few tips to increase the battery life on your android phone.

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Ways to increase the battery life of your Android smartphone

Turn the power saving mode on

If you are going to be stuck in a situation that will demand your battery power to last for longer, switch the device to power saver mode. This setting will cut back on the functions that can consume more power.

Use Wi-Fi

Android phone experts say Wi-Fi is your phone’s best friend. The more your phone uses the cellular data, the more the battery will drain out faster. Go to the quick settings panel on your android phone and turn off the mobile data services. Setting the phone in airplane mode can also disable all the data network features. It will also switch on W-Fi. However, do this only when it is not a problem to stop incoming calls and SMS text messages.

Put the active tracking to rest

Some features like Bluetooth, location services, phone visibility and NFC can drain the battery faster. Since your phone pings in order to update and connect. Turning them off until you will need them is a sure way to save on the battery life. Also when you do not use it, do not forget to turn off the voice assistant program that can use up more battery power.

Reduce the brightness of your phone screen

The aspects of the modern day smartphones that consume more battery power are the crisp resolution and a lavish amount of pixels. It is never advisable to set your phone to the highest setting which will drain the battery away. Go to display settings and turn down the screen brightness. This is even good for your eyes. Disabling auto-brightness feature can also help save on battery life.

Review the widgets and wallpapers

Moving wallpapers take away a lot of energy from the battery for animating your phone. Limit the background with as fewer colors as possible. Lot of different colors will eat away the battery power. Widgets can be tempting. However, to keep them running, the phone will have to use more energy.

Keep the phone in silent mode

A phone that is always beeping and buzzing while receiving notifications can be annoying. Know that for buzzing, the phone needs to trigger an internal motor which can lead to battery drain. Knock this off to save the battery life. Turn down the vibration intensity by going to sounds and vibration settings. Also disable the haptic feedback so that your phone will not vibrate when you touch or type on the screen.