Here's how you can increase the speed of your laptop

Here's how you can increase the speed of your laptop
Image by Dirk Wouters from Pixabay

Your laptop will accumulate a lot of data and files over a period of time. Hence when the computer ages, it is but natural that its speed reduces. From time to time it is necessary that you do some regular maintenance tasks so that your laptop’s optimum speed in maintained. Here are a few ways in which you can speed up the performance of your computer.

Reduce the number of startup tasks and programs

When you start your laptop, a set of programs will start and run automatically. These programs operating in the background can take away from the CPU usage and sow down the startup time. If you are using Windows, open the task manager. Click the startup tab. You will see a list of programs that are ranked by startup impact. Enable or disable them depending on which ones you will need. If you are using Mac, go to users and Groups in the system preferences panel. Select the login items on top of the window and adjust the programs you view.

Uninstall the apps you no more use

There are a lot of free apps you will feel like using. However, they will take a lot of memory. Uninstall all the unused apps which will give a quick speed boost to your computer. This is especially true in case of games, movies and other large files. On Windows, select the programs you wish to uninstall one by one by going to control panel and click on uninstall. Mac users can move the unwanted programs to the trash. Before continuing, empty the trash.

Use the disk cleanup utility


Windows has a disk cleanup utility that can assess and remove the unnecessary programs and files from your computer. You can easily access this by typing disk cleanup in the search bar. On Mac, click the apple on the top left corner of the screen. Select About this Mac. In this Window, click on Storage and know how the hard drive is used. Reduce the number of files that have cluttered by clicking Review Files and then Optimize Storage. Move the files to iCloud.

Increasing the computer performance is easy in these following steps.

Add an SSD

Expanded as Solid State Drive, this is similar to a hard drive, but stores the data in memory chips without using any mechanical components. SSDs can immediately boost up your computer’s speed and performance. Once you buy an SSD, you will need to install it.

Upgrade the RAM

RAM, also known as random access memory is a kind of memory storage that lets the laptop to feature some games and store large files. When you add RAM, you are increasing the memory of the computer. This can speed up the computers that have a lot of files on them. Adding RAM will also need installation. In some new laptops, the RAM is integrated with the Motherboard and so they cannot be adjusted.

Reinstall the OS

It is possible to reinstall the OS without losing the files on your computer. You can do this by hitting the reset button on your computer and by removing and reinstalling. In this process, your essential files will remain while the others will disappear. Do this by going to recovery in the Update and Security tab of the settings window.