How to train your mind for exceptional productivity

Our minds are fundamentally sorted out like computers. They function similarly. In this way, if we want to enhance our day by day productivity, efficiency and focus, we have to discharge the cache of temporary "files" and reboot for our brains to allow us perform at our pinnacle levels.

So how do you train your mind to be extra productive?

Brain Food

There are foods that can decrease mental performance, kill brain cells and shut down the mind as it were (case: caffeine, sugar, liquor and so on.), there are likewise certain foods that can help make the brain work smarter.

For example, fibres keep your energy level considerably incredible and help you to be more alert. Magnesium improves learning and memory.

Wake up early

Strikingly, the rationale behind waking up before 6 a.m. has nothing to do with work. Rather, the objective is to wake up early and waste time. We should climb out of bed early to appreciate free time and set ourselves up for the taxing day ahead.

Thus, wake up early tomorrow—truly early—and do literally nothing work related. You'll get some quality "you" time in, and feel like you've started your day off on a pleasant note, setting the tone for the workday ahead.


Holding your breath while working out in the pool improves the flow of blood to your brain. Likewise with your muscles, the more oxygen those tissues in your cranium get, the more grounded and healthier they become

Play music you haven't heard before

The direct effect of listening to music to boost productivity is yet inconclusive; however we do realize that music can increase your mood by discharging dopamine. To any individual who has cranked up their main tune to control during a time of dreary work this sounds like common sense, yet it's conceivable that listening to new music is in reality better for focus.

Since you know how to train your brain, it's really time to start doing. Don't simply devour this substance and afterward go ahead with your life as though nothing has changed.
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