How to troll people online? A beginner’s guide

Have you ever surfed through the internet and found yourself turning out to be progressively envious of the trolls that dwell in it? No? Well you ought to. Envision a world where your opinions are so ill-informed and confined from reality that nothing, not even logic and reasoning, will stand in your way of promoting them. Envision a world where you venture into a room with the intention of annoying each and every human being within it, allowing nothing to stand in your way.

What is an Internet Troll?

Internet trolling is unofficially defined as a person who deliberately upsets the normal flow of any internet community in a fairly harmless way, for example, posting extraneous topics on a chat room or forum, or deliberately obstructing one's allies in an extensive online game.

Instructions to be one...

The Reported Troll

Making a moral point with your trolls or making a game out of your trolling (for everyone else, not simply you) is a decent way to make sure your antics are accepted within the community. You will be seen less as a douche bag and more as the class clown. Even if you’re planning to troll people the ‘Absurd’ way, try not to get reported or banned.

Avoid Connections

Try not to use variations on the same screen name, don't use the same password, and don't use email addresses which are fundamentally the same. Essentially, don't leave any evidence that your different records are associated. This will keep all of your records from getting banned if only one gets reported and caught.

The off-topic Troll

Whatever you do, simply make sure that what you type will in no way additionally progress the topic of conversation, and not just will it anger everyone to the point where you get a all-caps reactions encouraging you to shoot yourself, it will likewise make their IQ drop just by reading it.
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