Here’s how you can report accidents and speed traps with this new Google Maps feature

Here’s how you can report accidents and speed traps with this new Google Maps feature
Google Maps introduces a new feature allowing users to report accidents and speed maps on navigation screenBusiness Insider India

  • Google Maps will now allow users in India to report speed traps and accidents on routes.
  • So far, the feature has only been spotted on Android phones — not iOS.
  • The tech giant is yet to officially announce the feature.
Traffic congestion because of speeds traps and accidents is a nuisance for drivers because, normally, they aren't expected. But with a new Google Maps feature that was spotted on Reddit, users will be able to report such things so that other drivers on the road can choose alternative routes.

In January this year, Google already announced that it was rolling out a feature that would let people know of speed limits on their route or any oncoming speed traps. The integration of the new feature makes it more efficient since Google will be able to share real-time updates about congestion causing events.

So far, the update has only appeared on the latest version of Google Maps on Android. Apple iPhone users may have to wait a little while longer before the feature starts to appear on iOS. It's also limited to a few users, which is probably why Google hasn't made an official announcement yet.

How to use the new feature

Users can spot the new feature on Google Maps after updating their app. There will be a little message bubble with a plus sign below the search and audio toggle to the right.

The informing mechanism is a two-tap process. First, users have to tap on the plus sign toggle and then a second tap to confirm with kind of traffic incident they're reporting — an accident or speed trap.


There's a 5-second window to undo the action as well.

Here’s how you can report accidents and speed traps with this new Google Maps feature
Two-tap method to submit accident and speed traps on Google Maps

These new features on Google Maps are all thanks to the tech giant's acquisition of an app called Waze in 2013. Waze crowd sources incident reports from users to inform drivers about what lies ahead on their route.

And, even though Waze is already available to users in India, Google Maps is obviously the more popular option, which means it will be able to crowdsource information from a much larger user base.

There may be concerns that tipping off drivers about speed traps might not necessarily be the best solution for India, a country where speeding is one of the most common traffic violations. But has Google defended its feature in the past stating, "We believe that informing drivers about upcoming speed traps allows them to be more careful and make safer decisions when they're on the road."

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