How to use Google Pay

How to use Google Pay
Google Pay (Photo: Twitter/@GooglePay) IANS
Earlier launched in 2015 and called as Android pay, the convenient online payment gateway was named as Google Pay in 2018. Here are the easy steps to set up Google Pay and start making your payments online.

The devices running on stock android software will already have Google Pay installed on them. If you do not see this app on your phone, you need to download it and install it.

To be able to use Google Pay, you need to have a reliable lock screen feature activated on your phone. This will mean that anyone trying to use your phone will have to enter a finger print scan or facial scan or a pattern for being able to access your data.

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For setting it up, go to Settings on your phone and then to ‘Security’ or ‘Lock Screen’. Press on the lock screen type you wish to activate. The best option is fingerprint scanner as it will make your system more secure.

Open the app and you will find the Android sign in page. You can add a debit or credit card. Press on the Plus sign you will find in the bottom right and then you will be promoted to choose a card. If your card is compatible and linked with the Android account, you just need to authorize it for Google Pay. In this case, just press ‘add a card button’.


The phone will pick up your card via rear camera. Line up the card in front of the camera. If this does not work, you can add the card manually too. You have to verify the card via a code sent to you on your email or phone.

If you have added multiple cards, set your default card and you can follow the user friendly instructions to start making payments easily.