How to use Uber promo codes to get free or discounted rides

How to use Uber promo codes to get free or discounted rides

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  • You can use Uber promo codes to enjoy free or discounted rides, and first time Uber users are eligible for a $15 promo shared directly from Uber itself.
  • Some Uber promotions expire, such as those created to get guests safely to and from a specific event at a specific time.
  • Your Uber promo codes will be used in the order that they were added to your account, and many will disappear once used, even if the entire value of the code was not used.
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Uber promo codes can be used instead of Uber credits or other payment methods, allowing you to enjoy rides that are free, or at least deeply discounted, as the promo code will always be used up before your account starts to incur a charge.

Everyone can enjoy at least one Uber promo code, as you are eligible for a $15 promotion directly from Uber when you first sign up. Beyond that, you can get the occasional promo code as a bonus or thank you for using the app often. These codes apply to both the iPhone and Android versions of the app.

Companies planning events or people planning parties can also distribute Uber promo codes to ensure attendees get to and from the venue safely. These types of promo codes are often limited to a certain geographical area and to a specific time window, and many types of promo codes will not only expire generally, but will disappear completely even if only used in part.

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How to use an Uber promo code

1. Copy the code on your phone or write down the promo where you can see it while using the Uber app.


2. Launch Uber's app and tap the three parallel lines at the top left corner.

3. Tap "Payment" then scroll down and tap "Add Promo Code."


4. Paste or type in the promo code and then hit "Add."



That's it, the code has been added and will be used on your next eligible trip.

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